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TraceAfricaConnect is an online freight-hub created for the sole purpose of connecting shippers and carriers to improve the logistics experience in Africa. TraceAfricaConnect is a real-time platform that consolidates online freight information entered by large and small TL and LTL freight carriers across Africa and other worldwide logistics hubs. Shippers and Carriers are matched with consideration to client requirements with regard to real time information, budget optimisation, availability, and specified delivery terms. The platform adds value to our client’s shipping experience by prequalifying shippers, confirming shipments, eliminating middleman service costs and time drags.

As a reliable service provider in air freight solutions, TAL brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.

How TraceAfricaConnect Works

Our clients/customers gain access to information about potential carriers pre-qualified/approved by TAL using our free subscription platform. At the moment of booking services with a shipper, a tracking number is assigned to the freight which allows for 24/7 status updates and alerts. This service is designed to increase visibility by enabling customers to be aware of the status of their shipments in real time. Carriers on the other hand, benefit from a dispatch portal highlighting loads/cargo available for movement, that is also streamlined with global logistics hubs to aggregate cargo ready for shipping. TraceAfricaConnect maintains each partner carrier’s data on a cloud based server for data security, reliability and guaranteeing accessibility in real time. The TraceAfricaConnect software is user friendly for carriers of all sizes, common carriers and new carriers/beginners. TraceAfricaConnect guarantees payment of carrier fees for services rendered to shippers within 30 days of delivery. Click TraceAfricaConnect to connect with our broad network of Shippers and Carriers.
Most important, we want to support SMEs, the backbone of any country’s economy. It is tough for small carriers to compete in the industry regardless of the fact that they are hauling the majority of any nation’s freight. TraceAfricaConnect adds value to SME businesses by enabling small freight/cargo services within timely delivery schedules and at low prices. TAL’s support for SMEs is reinforced by the  ability to aggregate small cargo across all logistics hubs to ensure all SME business get a fair short at meeting their customer’s requirements.

As a reliable service provider in sea freight solutions, TAL brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.


Our billing system allows shippers and carriers to conduct business in a free market and eliminates excessive costs associated with today’s broker-dependent business models. Our automated freight brokering and billing system aims at adding value to your shipping experience by ultimately eliminating agents/middlemen services and their related transactions costs and time drag. To maintain the safety of your banking information, we use Standard Chartered Bank Ltd/PayPal, a company with known financial management pedigree, to manage the payment process for a small fee levied per transaction. This ensures that both shippers and carriers payments are guaranteed based on the agreed terms of the shipping contract. The online banking platform benefits both shippers and carriers by allowing businesses to negotiate transactions based on prevailing market conditions with real-time pricing. Invoicing and auditing are automated, so shippers can release payment upon delivery.

Keeping your business up to speed

As a reliable service provider in sea freight solutions, TAL brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.

Trace Africa Connect

Trace Africa Connect is an online automated freight hub created for the sole purpose of connecting Shippers, Couriers and Drivers.