TAL guarantees the delivery of your freight by air, lake, river, ocean, road and rail to any location in Africa. Underscored by a team of skilled and experienced experts, coupled with strong logistics networks, we promise to deliver full range of cross-border shipping services in and out of all the African countries. We are determined to continue increasing the visibility of your operations in Africa using our Track and Trace technologies that provide you with real time data on the status of your shipment to enable informed decision making. Our freight forwarding services include: transportation and door to door delivery, warehousing, customs clearance, etc.

Transportation and Distribution

Our transport and distribution services are supported by all the modes of transport ranging from water, rail, road, air, pipeline freight. The modes of transport are used simultaneously or interchangeably through our intermodal strategy to continuously improve your shipping experience when delivering cargo to points that are not difficult to access by one transport mode.

Road and Rail freight

Our land transport strategy aims at optimising road and rail operations to achieve flexibility, responsiveness and reliability during the movement and delivery of your shipment. Road and rail transport freight are combined under our intermodal transport strategy to ensure that you are able to deliver your cargo to any point on the African continent at the right time and least operation cost.

Air Freight

TAL is at the forefront in exploring the potential of optimising cutting edge air freight technology in order to deliver your shipments in locations that are both accessible and inaccessible by other modes of transport. We help you make the right decision in the trade-off between speed and cost that is commonly associated by air forwarding through availing all air delivery alternatives including drone and helicopter carriers to cargo planes.

Ocean, Lake, and River Freight

TAL offers a broad range of water forwarding services that take advantage of the rivers, lakes and oceans both inland and the surrounding coasts. We partner with the best water carriers covering both minor and major water routes to ensure that your shipment can be delivered to any location inaccessible by our land transport carriers.

Warehousing and Storage Services

Our warehousing services help you determine how far you want to extend physical distribution network of your operations without hurting returns on investment. TAL has warehousing presence in all logistical hubs in Africa, coupled by the ability to extend this service to remote places through construction of both temporary and permanent stores.

Dry, Temperature, Storage Yards and related Services

Regardless of the nature, size or complexity of your cargo, TAL’s warehousing and storage experts are dedicated to finding the right solution that does not only optimise on cost but also eliminates risks relating to theft, breakage, or loss in value due to environmental exposure. Our services are tailored in compliance with international standards and best practices regarding operationalisation and management of warehouse and storage facilities. This is coupled with contemporary technologies and material handling equipment to allow quick location and identification, loading and offloading in real time.

Packaging and Labelling

Our packaging and labelling services are driven by customer demands to break and aggregate cargo and still maintain the quality and standards of the goods or materials we handle in our warehousing and storage facilities. We follow international and industrial packaging and labelling standards when packing products or applying labels to packages (signage, swing and security tags, RFID tags, price – instructional and promotional stickers, among others). Our packaging strategy pays attention to detail to mitigate cost resulting from leakage and exposure, and misinformation. Our green supply chain objectives play a key role in ensuring that we employ materials to ensure an environmentally friendly transit packaging process.

Customs Clearance

Our customs clearance services are designed to save you time you would have spent attempting to understand the regulation and compliance aspects regarding your shipment. Regulations and compliance standards are not only unique to each country involved in international trade and logistics operations, but are continuously changing to meet the day to day operation demands of our highly dynamic business environment. This makes customs clearance complicated and costly for shippers with the likelihood of attracting penalties due to non-compliance or oversights due to inexperience especially for first timers. We have developed a broad network of clearing agents with the requisite skills and technologies that will save you both time and costs. Our customs experts review each shipment, and identify the most economical alternative to clear and forward shipments without compromising compliance to controls and procedures.