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Consultancy and Audit Services

TAL appreciates the challenge posed by the uniqueness of our client’s demands and business challenges. In response, our consultancy and audit service delivery structure are based on an agile approach that provides for flexibility and responsiveness, to allow for customization of each product we offer to meet and exceed your expectations.

We take pride in the in-depth knowledge and supply chain management expertise of our Client Service Teams, whose confidence in service delivery is undisputable. Our TAL business solutions and Online Services business models provide a one stop centre for all your operations and supply chain management demands. Our solutions are based on long experience in specific industries, the technologies that drive them, and varying business and institutional environments.


TAL offers a broad range of Consultancy and Audit services. Our service teams, under the guidance of a Lead Consultant, help develop business solutions for organizations in given industries. Following an integrated approach, we combine insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business knowledge and industry expertise to help clients meet and exceed their expectations. TAL’s service teams can help you optimise your operations and supply chain functions, manage and sustain your company’s growth whether just starting, at maturity or on the verge of becoming a regional or Multinational Corporation.

Our clients also enjoy fringe benefits arising from latest studies emerging from research on the current industry trends from TAL online survey platform and application. These studies have helped in developing industry performance benchmarks based on world class supply chain practices that can be tailored to the unique needs of our clients through various collaborations.

Service Content Comment
Consultancy   Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk ManagementDesigning and Developing of Business Process Modes, Manuals/SOPsResearch and Online SurveysTraining Workshops and Webinars     TAL provides consultancy services based on analytical findings and forecasts to help organisations refocus in the right direction through setting achievable objectives to improve performance. We help organisations uncover insights that create new opportunities to improve performance in the industry they operate.   Cybersecurity & Supply Chain Risk Management Our Client Service Team Forensic & Dispute Services professionals comprises of a diverse group with a wide and varied range of proficiencies comprising of supply chain cybersecurity, forensic accountants, legal enforcement specialists, and business intelligence experts, all utilizing state-of-the-art forensic technology to ensure that threats, disruptions, and conflicts are handled with optimal care.   Designing Business Process Models, Manuals/SOPs TAL applies her in depth knowledge and experience in the various industries to conceptualise situations and develop manuals and models that aid our clients in streamlining their supply chain operations. Our Manuals/Models are customized to address specific client needs. Where appropriate, our client service teams offer support services from actual design, development, and implementation to monitoring performance across all operations and supply chain functions. Some of the target functions include: Supply chain securityProcurement and sourcing manualsFleet Management SOPS/ManualsInventory Management ManualsCustoms and Border protection manualsOperations and production manualsMaterial Handling and Packaging Manuals   Business Process Outsourcing We at TAL acknowledge the paradigm shift for the last 20years that has encouraged firms to outsource noncore but important functions to 3rd party and 4th party logistics providers in order to focus on the core functions. Our Client Service Teams endeavour to make their clients’ outsourcing processes as seamless as possible, by leveraging solutions that integrate strategy consulting, project management, change management, and global sourcing.     Research and Online Surveys TAL ensures that our clients equitably receive or win the numerous grants, credits and incentives available in the various industries. International organisations and most of the developed countries offer generous grants, credits and incentives for research in areas like; environment and resource sustainability, information technology and the digital economy, energy efficiency, globalization, innovation, sustainability and training, governance, among others that can be take advantage of by our clients with help from our team of research fellows. Our services include: Research gap identificationDesigning Research InstrumentsData collection and AnalysisInterpretation of study findingsReport WritingPreparation of Research & development claimsApplication support for Government and international grants and incentives.   Training Workshops and Webinars With a Client Service Team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from varying industries, we develop programmes, webinars, training manuals, arrange and manage workshops and conferences, simulations and individual sessions. We also emphasis feedback from our participants to ensure that the agreed upon deliverables are achieved.  
Audit and Assurance Procurement Process and Transactions AuditsInformation Management AuditsHuman Resource Audits  Transport and Logistics AuditsProject Audits   TAL Audit Professionals acknowledge the complexity and importance of the audit process to our clients. Our engagement approach starts with an in-depth understanding of the industry in which you operate, your strategies and business objectives, and then work through your organisation structures and supply chain processes to understand what drives value and ensure that financial and non-financial reports reflect fairly, the performance of your company. Our Assurance Service is not only valued for its compliance with professional standards, but also for its relevance to our clients’ businesses and the insight it provides to management and other stakeholders. With our depth of experience and knowledge in the industry sector you operate in, we are able to offer you a broad range of innovative, cost-effective business solutions that respond to the current business trends.   Procurement Process and Transactions Audits – This service ranges from establishing variations between current and prior performance, compliance, cost saving opportunities, optimization of the supply market, value for money, capacity building and training activities within the function inconsideration with other requirements of our clients.   Transport and Logistics Audits – This service includes establishing variations between current and prior performance, compliance, cost saving parameters, optimization of opportunities provided by logistics components, capacity building and training activities within the function inconsideration with other requirements of our clients.   Information Management Systems – This service includes establishing composition and structure of the I.T infrastructure, Information flows, dissemination, speed and accuracy of data, control levels, compliance, cost saving parameters, optimization of I.T development opportunities, capacity building and training activities within the function inconsideration with other requirements of our clients. This audit is undertaken in line international supply chain cybersecurity frameworks.     Project Audits This service is tailored to meet the unique needs of clients with a project-oriented approach in their business operations. Critical to note; Uganda still has a big percentage of her budget funded in form of direct aid and concessionary loans from governments and financial institutions that is managed through host governments or Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), to foster economic growth.   Our aim is to provide professional expertise and manpower in support of interventions by International Lending Agencies, international donor agencies and local and international project implementing entities to realise Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental growth and sustainability in the region. Human Resource AuditsThis service aims at assessing and evaluating skills provided by the organisation policy to establish the staff’s ability to deliver on specific operations and supply chain management goals. Based on the skills audit findings, we are in position to design skills development programs for our clients.  

Industry Sectors

Consultancy and Advisory services aim to optimise logistics and transport, and other operations and supply chain management functions within the following industry sectors among others.

Industry overview

Information Technology, Media, Telecommunication and Entertainment

This industry has had the most significant impact on how businesses operate in the 21st century world over. With liberalisation of this sector in Uganda, the telecommunication, media and entertainment industry is experiencing change by the hour. The challenges that come with change include; the need to cope with continuous pace of I.T innovations and inventions, exposure of local businesses to global competition, compliance to regulations, fraud and the associated risks among others. At TAL, we believe, with in these very challenges lie the opportunities for exploitation to improve your business position.

Construction and Manufacturing

In Uganda, the Construction and Manufacturing sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country expanding by more than 10% annually. It comprises of real estate, beverages, leather, tobacco-based processing, paper, textiles and garments to pharmaceuticals, fabrication, ceramics, glass, fertilizers, plastic, and assembly of electronic goods, hi-tech and medical products. Small as the sector is, challenges to do with competition from MNCs, intermittent power supply, increased cost of electricity required for production, strong competition from imported products, the low purchasing power of the domestic market and the impatience and ever-changing tastes and preferences of the customers, are a reality. At TAL, we believe, with in these very challenges lie the opportunities for exploitation to improve your business position.

Banking and Finance

The need for our customised Assurance, Advisory and Consultancy services is more significant today with the growth of private investment in the banking and finance sector. The financial services industry in Uganda comprises; the Banking, Insurance, Microfinance and investments sectors though mainly dominated by the banking sector. The banking sector has been described as generally sound and well capitalized. The Sector experiences tighter BOU supervision, more stringent requirements and higher capital requirements with the passing of the Financial Institutions Act in 2004 and the Financial Institutions Regulations in 2005. Liberalisation of the sector has and still is attracting foreign international institutions, implying an increase in competition and improvement in service delivery. As the market embraces the credit economy system in consideration with a significant subsistence sector, TAL views this as an opportunity for the players to provide products that will meet the diverse market demands.

Government and Public Sector

TAL works with many of the world’s governments to address challenges such as security and border controls, climate change, realignment in the global economy and ever-aging populations by offering public policy advice support in implementation of public sector reforms, accountability and assurance service. We understand the growing pressure to deliver more and better public services for less cost.

TAL’s sensitivity to the challenges faced by governments and their development partners is embodied in our commitment to working with governments, non-governmental organisations and international funding institutions to deliver better services to the people through partnering in research, sharing of information and establishment of the TAL Public Sector Advisory Team. Integrating our expertise in strategic change, process improvement and technology, we provide solutions to government, ministries, agencies and other institutions as they strive to improve delivery of public services to the people.

In addition, governments and their development partners deploy our services to obtain assurance that resources are expended on intended purposes and for optimal value. Our focus is on building capacity through developing systems and processes and enhancing institutional management.

In addition, we help clients implement policy and drive benefits and growth through financial effectiveness, operational performance efficiencies and delivery of major programs, both on time and to budget. Our clients include international institutions, national and regional governments, as well as the development partners.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

Empirical evidence shows that there is low investment in Uganda’s mining sector in spite of the vast opportunities that continue to exist. Uganda has large, as yet untapped or barely explored mineral deposits of gold, oil, high grade tin, tungsten/wolfram, salt, beryllium, cobalt, kaolin, iron ore, glass sand and phosphates (fertilizer). There are also significant quantities of clay and gypsum. The total energy consumption in Uganda is estimated at over five million tonnes of oil equivalent, of which 90% is derived from wood and charcoal. Uganda currently has an installed electricity capacity of 283 MW, which is insufficient to meet the growing demand. There is also considerable unmet demand principally from Kenya, but also from Tanzania and Rwanda. Overall capacity is currently considerably less than installed capacity due to the water level of Lake Victoria being lower than normal. This has resulted in considerable load-shedding.

Uganda has historically had a mining industry based on copper but following the disturbances of the 1970s, copper is no longer commercially mined. However, there is considerable interest in reviving copper mining. The major mining investment at present is Kasese Cobalt Company Limited with French, Canadian and Australian investors. As well as the revival of copper mining, there are reserves of gold, phosphate and oil which have not yet been fully surveyed or exploited.

Oil & Gas – The oil and gas industry is contending with a dynamic global marketplace and an increasingly insistent group of stakeholders. As the pressure to meet future energy demand mounts, global alliances are becoming more and more critical. Oil and gas companies need to know how to respond to emerging trends, anticipate risk effectively, improve performance and operate more efficiently.

TAL’s Global Oil & Gas Advisory Team has a clear understanding of how to do this within your industry. It serves as the hub for our network of highly-skilled resources — professionals with deep experience delivering assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services within oil and gas companies. The Advisory Team brings people and ideas together to help companies like yours meet to date’s challenges. However complex your challenges, we share information with you on emerging trends and regulations to help you move forward in your business.


Agriculture has over the years formed the backbone of Uganda’s economy contributing approximately 37% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The sector has benefited from recent efforts by the Government of Uganda towards strengthening of the Country’s competitive advantage in the agricultural production sector. The rich opportunities in the Uganda agricultural sector are a result of the favourable climate and fertile soils in the country. Generally, opportunities in this sector range from agribusiness, forestry to food processing and the manufacture of inputs. The available opportunities include but are not limited to the following;

  • . This includes cereals, oilseeds, fresh and preserved fruit, vegetables and nuts, fresh, dried and ground species, vegetable oils, essential oils, plants, orchids, flower seeds and sericulture (silk).
  • (Commercial/Large Scale Farming) Possible areas of investment include; floriculture, coffee, tea and cotton growing, processing and packaging, growing of high-quality tobacco, cocoa rehabilitation and expansion. The main opportunities are in the development of modern large-scale farming and processing for both the domestic and export markets. Uganda is currently the second largest producer of coffee in Africa. Uganda’s cotton is of the best quality and compares most favorably in the world market.
  • Current output in this sector can only meet half the domestic demand. There is, therefore great room for expansion and investment in a number of livestock related areas including ranching (cattle, goats, sheep), poultry (chicken, pecking duck and ostrich), hides and skins, bee-keeping for honey products, leather processing and preservation and canning of the various livestock products such as meat and milk. Uganda is endowed with a warm climate, ample fertile land and regular rainfall all of which provide one of the best environments for agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa.

Through the TAL audit and assurance services- we have taken centre stage in the introduction of International Accounting Standard 41 – Agriculture (“the Standard”). TAL plays an active role in advising farmers and other stakeholders in the industry on complying with the challenging requirements of this and other required standards.


Tourism in Uganda is focused on Uganda‘s landscape, wildlife with very diverse culture, flora, and fauna. From the late 1960s, Uganda had a prosperous tourist industry with over 100,000 visitors each year with Tourism being the country’s fourth largest earner of foreign exchange. The tourist industry ended in the early 1970s because of political instability. By the late 1980s, Uganda’s political climate stabilised creating conditions suitable for reinvestment in the tourist industry. Uganda’s tourist industry promoting tropical forests, the keystone of the industry is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. With more than 300 Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has approximately half of the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas.

Tourism in Uganda is an important generator of foreign exchange, high-end employment, and investment. There has been increased investment in tourism, particularly in travel accommodation and related facilities. This has enhanced tourists’ experience in the country. Adventure tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism are being developed.

Facing challenges such as internal and external security threats can cause issues for Uganda’s tourism industry. The conflicts in neighbouring southern Sudan and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo often create cross border conflicts that have damaged the development of tourism in the country.

Environment and Resource Sustainability

Fisheries – Uganda’s fish processing sector has expanded greatly in recent years and current export earnings are in excess of US$100 million per year. Uganda is blessed with large fresh water expanses that are home to a wide variety of fish products. Opportunities are also available for fish farming.

ForestryWith over 1.5 million hectares of rich forest vegetation, Uganda possesses abundant potential in areas like timber processing for export, manufacture of high-quality furniture/wood products and various packaging materials

From start-ups to large corporations and national governments, organizations worldwide are embracing clean-tech as a means of growth, efficiency and competitive advantage. Will you be a part of the next industrial revolution? Tap into our knowledge and industry focus to help you seize opportunities in the shift to a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy with help from our experts.

Our Assurances

State-of-the-art technology – TALs’ Information Communication Technology structure uses proprietary data management technology designed for secure, scalable and superior performance. It is designed for high message through put, low latency and scalability to easily accommodate increases in volumes of data.

A trusted Partner-When you partner with us, you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no conflict of interest. We never act as principals in the markets. Our role is clear; to provide Business Solutions and Online Services that suit the environment.  With the fast-growing global trends, our clients need to know that their service provider will never let them down, we guarantee that.

Customer Support – Our Client Service Teams work in collaboration with our clients from, design, development, implementation, through to performance and monitoring of the business solutions. The extent of involvement is dependent on our client’s requirements.

Deep Knowledge and Understanding

Our Client Service Teams work closely with you to gain deep knowledge and understanding of your business. Application of analysis tools allows us to fully understand your company’s objectives, opportunities, strengths, vulnerabilities and the business threats in the industry you operate.

Insights and practices

Clients derive benefits from our innovative thinking combined with our world class logistics and transport practices, global methodologies, tools and proven practices, to make strategic decisions and forecasts in their operations and supply chain management functions.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

Coping with the ever-changing global trends in Information Technology and continuous innovations and inventions in various industries, requires us to balance stability with rapid change. Our approach to work allows you to respond swiftly to the challenges in line with changing customer preferences, increasing competition and pressure to exploit and yet sustain the limited resources at your disposal.

We uphold ethics, Integrity, and authenticity as our core values in everything we do. There is mutual respect for individual opinion and differing schools of thought, while we also keep open for positive criticism. We only do what we think is right.

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Online Data Services


Get paid for completing online surveys. Download the MyTAL App on your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Complete surveys on anything from polls, new product samples, quality of service, to academics.

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We help people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. We offer all inclusive services for relocations like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifted. Additional services may include cleaning services for houses, offices or warehousing facilities.

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TAL Spare-Car

Make extra money from that extra parked that you don’t use on a daily basis. Do you have an extra car to spare, or is the family car free and depreciating while parked at home because your busy or out on holiday! Spare a care with TAL and we will turn in an income for you rather than you paying expenses on an asset you are not using. Register your car at TAL Spare-Care and let our platform connect you to those who might use it in return for a fee.


We have taken out insurance with the best companies: ….. …….  to ensure that both the car owner and the hirer are not only safe guarded against risk.

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Garage Services

Our garage services are designed to ensure that you optimise the full life of your vehicle owned as a personal asset for private or commercial use. Our services range from mechanical checks done electronically by skilled and experienced experts. Because we understand the importance of safeguarding our lives and those of our loved ones, every car we check is given a pink or blue slip after every six months to ensure its road worthiness and also help our clients benefit from low insurance costs due to the good car maintenance. As a comprehensive solution, or services include:

  • Car repairs
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Car parks
  • Car washing bays.
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Personal Storage

Temporary and Permanent storage facilities are designed with provisions for large and small sizes to meet your self-storage expectations.  Our self-storage services comprise of both domestic and commercial purposes, with emphasis on easy access, convenience, packaging, movement and security for your property or goods. We provide a wide range of storage capacity space ranging from one square metre up-words.

Overall, our self-storage service is both simple and flexible to ensure that you get a peace of mind regarding the safety of your goods/property and let us without concern for issues like security or cost. Even more, you can take advantage of our related services like transportation (including loading and offloading at pickup and delivery points), labelling and packaging, transfer of property, handling services among other services relevant to your self-storage requirements. We look forward to being your preferred self-storage company of choice.

Not sure how much storage space you will need? Visit our storage space estimator to calculate how much space you need. Alternatively, check out our warehousing and storage services or contact us through the available customer support services.

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We offer construction services through partnerships with well-established medium and large sized construction and project management companies operating Africa. While our partnering companies are proficient in all forms of commercial construction, we specialise in projects that directly relate to our field of Logistics and Transport management. We support of technically superior construction partners by ensuring compliance to specification requirements that relate to business and the needs of our clients.

We specialise the construction of: Roads, Warehouses, Ports, Airports and Airstrips, Railway lines, Storage Shades, Open Storage Yards, Parking Lots, Loading and Offloading bays.

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Routing and Tracking

Routing and Tracking services aim at achieving a level of visibility that allows you to see the physical location of your shipment and also accurate data that you can use make informed decisions in real time. To determine a most effective route for your shipment, simply select the country and port of origin, and then select the country and delivery address. Our route finder runs an algorithm that considers all the alternative routes to identify the most economical alternative routes for your shipment.

Tracking Shipments: TAL operates a simple to use tracking system dedicated to only customers with active shipments. To ensure security of both your information and shipment, clients are required to log in using the provided tracking details and privately generated passwords.  Clients have the option of using other communication platforms including speaking, chatting and emailing our support personal for advice.

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Oversize Bulk Cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo that cannot fit inside standardised containers or carrier spaces and transport modes is done in partnership with varying stakeholders and usually defined by the nature and size of the shipment.

Our teams have the experience, skills and equipment to safely deliver your shipment. We consider every oversize shipment as unique and therefore requiring customised solutions.

Among the various ways we have moved oversized cargo includes the use of specialist equipment such as platforms, open top containers or flat racks. We have extensive assets comprising of specialist equipment able to transport and store large, heavy and irregular sized cargo.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

We value shipments categorised as dangerous goods by ensuring that we handle them with extra care, detail, and attention. We put the safety of personal, client’s assets and the environment in everything we do when shipping or storing dangerous goods. We follow international standards and procedures when handling dangerous goods to mitigate any potential loss and damage to our environment or negative effects on our communities.

The process of dangerous goods movement is keenly traced from documentation, packaging and labelling, storage, protection gear, instructions and signage to the material handling equipment and customised carriers, to ensure the safety and security of your shipment. This is made possible by a team of well trained and experienced staff members backed by update technologies.

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