Temporary and Permanent storage facilities are designed with provisions for large and small sizes to meet your self-storage expectations.  Our self-storage services comprise of both domestic and commercial purposes, with emphasis on easy access, convenience, packaging, movement and security for your property or goods. We provide a wide range of storage capacity space ranging from one square metre up-words.

Overall, our self-storage service is both simple and flexible to ensure that you get a peace of mind regarding the safety of your goods/property and let us without concern for issues like security or cost. Even more, you can take advantage of our related services like transportation (including loading and offloading at pickup and delivery points), labelling and packaging, transfer of property, handling services among other services relevant to your self-storage requirements. We look forward to being your preferred self-storage company of choice.

Not sure how much storage space you will need? Visit our storage space estimator to calculate how much space you need. Alternatively, check out our warehousing and storage services or contact us through the available customer support services.