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Online Data Services

Get paid for completing online surveys. Download the MyTAL App on your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Complete surveys on anything from polls, new product samples, quality of service, to academics.

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We help people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. We offer all inclusive services for relocations like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifted. Additional services may include cleaning services for houses, offices or warehousing facilities.

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TAL Spare-Car

Make extra money from that extra parked that you don’t use on a daily basis. Do you have an extra car to spare, or is the family car free and depreciating while parked at home because your busy or out on holiday! Spare a care with TAL and we will turn in an income for you rather than you paying expenses on an asset you are not using. Register your car at TAL Spare-Care and let our platform connect you to those who might use it in return for a fee.


We have taken out insurance with the best companies: ….. …….  to ensure that both the car owner and the hirer are not only safe guarded against risk.

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Garage Services

Our garage services are designed to ensure that you optimise the full life of your vehicle owned as a personal asset for private or commercial use. Our services range from mechanical checks done electronically by skilled and experienced experts. Because we understand the importance of safeguarding our lives and those of our loved ones, every car we check is given a pink or blue slip after every six months to ensure its road worthiness and also help our clients benefit from low insurance costs due to the good car maintenance. As a comprehensive solution, or services include:

  • Car repairs
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Car parks
  • Car washing bays.
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Personal Storage

Temporary and Permanent storage facilities are designed with provisions for large and small sizes to meet your self-storage expectations.  Our self-storage services comprise of both domestic and commercial purposes, with emphasis on easy access, convenience, packaging, movement and security for your property or goods. We provide a wide range of storage capacity space ranging from one square metre up-words.

Overall, our self-storage service is both simple and flexible to ensure that you get a peace of mind regarding the safety of your goods/property and let us without concern for issues like security or cost. Even more, you can take advantage of our related services like transportation (including loading and offloading at pickup and delivery points), labelling and packaging, transfer of property, handling services among other services relevant to your self-storage requirements. We look forward to being your preferred self-storage company of choice.

Not sure how much storage space you will need? Visit our storage space estimator to calculate how much space you need. Alternatively, check out our warehousing and storage services or contact us through the available customer support services.

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We offer construction services through partnerships with well-established medium and large sized construction and project management companies operating Africa. While our partnering companies are proficient in all forms of commercial construction, we specialise in projects that directly relate to our field of Logistics and Transport management. We support of technically superior construction partners by ensuring compliance to specification requirements that relate to business and the needs of our clients.

We specialise the construction of: Roads, Warehouses, Ports, Airports and Airstrips, Railway lines, Storage Shades, Open Storage Yards, Parking Lots, Loading and Offloading bays.

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Routing and Tracking

Routing and Tracking services aim at achieving a level of visibility that allows you to see the physical location of your shipment and also accurate data that you can use make informed decisions in real time. To determine a most effective route for your shipment, simply select the country and port of origin, and then select the country and delivery address. Our route finder runs an algorithm that considers all the alternative routes to identify the most economical alternative routes for your shipment.

Tracking Shipments: TAL operates a simple to use tracking system dedicated to only customers with active shipments. To ensure security of both your information and shipment, clients are required to log in using the provided tracking details and privately generated passwords.  Clients have the option of using other communication platforms including speaking, chatting and emailing our support personal for advice.

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Oversize Bulk Cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo that cannot fit inside standardised containers or carrier spaces and transport modes is done in partnership with varying stakeholders and usually defined by the nature and size of the shipment.

Our teams have the experience, skills and equipment to safely deliver your shipment. We consider every oversize shipment as unique and therefore requiring customised solutions.

Among the various ways we have moved oversized cargo includes the use of specialist equipment such as platforms, open top containers or flat racks. We have extensive assets comprising of specialist equipment able to transport and store large, heavy and irregular sized cargo.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

We value shipments categorised as dangerous goods by ensuring that we handle them with extra care, detail, and attention. We put the safety of personal, client’s assets and the environment in everything we do when shipping or storing dangerous goods. We follow international standards and procedures when handling dangerous goods to mitigate any potential loss and damage to our environment or negative effects on our communities.

The process of dangerous goods movement is keenly traced from documentation, packaging and labelling, storage, protection gear, instructions and signage to the material handling equipment and customised carriers, to ensure the safety and security of your shipment. This is made possible by a team of well trained and experienced staff members backed by update technologies.

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Small Pickups and Deliveries

This service is designed for light or small parcels and packages to be delivered both locally and across borders within Africa. The service targets growing SMEs that are the backbone of African economies by facilitating purchases and delivery of shipments by small business. Extra services like picking small items like cell phones forgotten in the early morning rush, pizza deliveries among others are made available for registered and confirmed clients. We integrate the small pickups and delivery services with mainstream logistics and transport solutions to that you deliver the small things that matter to you at any location using the most economical means of transport available. Simply log in to MyTAL using your client identification details and password click on the small pickups and deliveries option.

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